About the company

Gaulak AS offers Consultancy services Economic Mathematics. Our company can take all kinds of assignments in economics and finance, which involves calculations with numbers. We adapt the training and advice to each client’s needs and wishes, such as content and length of work.

Gaulak AS is a joint-stock company established on 27 March 2020, with organization number: NO 924 888 652 in the Register of Business Enterprises (Brønnøysund registers). The share capital is NOK 30,000, divided into 30,000 shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 1.

The company has the right to control the internet domains www.gaulak.no and www.gaulak.com, (Only the .no domain is currently updated.)

The company Gaulak AS is named after Gaula, one of Norway’s best salmon rivers, and which flows through Gauldalen in Trøndelag (see photo above). Entrepreneur is from Trøndelag, and a former salmon fisherman.


The company now has only one employee, general manager and founder Asgeir Fjølstad in a full-time position.

Asgeir Fjølstad has a degree in mathematics, business administration and ICT from college. He also has extensive experience from the voluntary sector.

General manager Asgeir F can be reached by either sending an email to asgeir@gaulak.no, or by mobile: (+47) 958 40 225.